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Value-adding New Driveways in Twickenham & Camberley

One area in which we excel is the construction of practical but attractive driveways. The DTE Landscaping team is skilled in working with a range of materials, including block paving, concrete, gravel and shingle. To see examples of some of the driveways we’ve built around Camberley, Twickenham and the wider South East, check out our gallery page.


Our driveways can dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home, and consequently its market value. Built to last, our driveways come with generous guarantees and soakaway/drainage systems that ensure they’re usable all year round, even when heavy rain hits Camberley and Twickenham, as it so often does!


We’re always sure to take on board any and all ideas that our customers have. This ensures we can deliver the dream driveways that they’ve been envisioning for weeks, months or even years.  In addition to building new driveways, we clean and reseal existing ones. So if your driveway is looking a little dirty or otherwise worse for wear, don’t hesitate to give DTE Landscaping a call on

07931 580 426.


Unsure which choice of material to go with? Here are just a few of the different characteristics of materials we work with:


Block Paving Driveways – Stylistically versatile, block paving can be sourced in many different shapes and colours, allowing for unique combinations of pavers in patterned driveways you won’t find anywhere else around Camberley or Twickenham. A very popular option in this day and age, block paving driveways are low maintenance, easy to repair in case of damage, and offer an attractive premium aesthetic.


Concrete Driveways – Much more plain and utilitarian than block paving, concrete is still a great material for driveways. It’s exceptionally hardwearing and a relatively cheap option compared with some competing materials. If you want a driveway that is no frills but perfectly fit for purpose, concrete is worth considering. Often seen on commercial premises around Camberley and Twickenham.


Gravel/Shingle Driveways – For a charming and rustic look, gravel driveways are fantastic. Different grades, styles and colours of gravel can be combined in an interesting and visually appealing manner. These driveways easily deal with excess rainfall, as the water soaks through the gravel and into the ground. Some security conscious Camberley and Twickenham homeowners choose gravel because they can hear anyone approaching their property by the distinctive crunch under foot.

Stunning Patios to Enjoy All Year-round

Adding patios to the rear of your Camberley or Twickenham property can do wonders for its value, and provide you with an outdoor space that can be used for entertaining, or just relaxing and getting some fresh air after a long day’s work. We design and build patios precisely tailored to our clients requirements, both practical and aesthetic. Our team of landscaping veterans can match new patios to existing garden design schemes, or build something that will act as a centrepiece for future work.


We can incorporate brickwork borders around patios, which like our driveways are often built from block paving or concrete. But with patios there are two other options we’ve delivered for countless clients around Camberley, Twickenham and the wider South East…


Resin Bonded Patios – This involves mixing up natural aggregates with a clear resin formula. The mixture is then laid onto a base surface, to a depth of between 12mm and 24mm. The end results are permeable, strong, long-lasting patios that look great too.


Resin Bound Patios – This system is slightly different, in that it involves first applying resin to a base surface, then scattering the aggregates on top and clearing away anything that comes loose. This is a non-permeable option that delivers a more textured finish.

For more information about either the driveways or patios we build around Camberley and Twickenham, call the DTE Landscaping team today! You can reach us on 07931 580 426.

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