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Quality Driveways, Fencing & Patios in Camberley

By choosing DTE Landscaping to carry out the installation of fencing, patios or driveways, you’re buying into the best possible solution for improving your Camberley home. As well as applying experience and expertise, we make sure that each landscaping project undertaken is carried out to match our consistently high quality standards.


Our landscaping team will work closely with each customer in Camberley or the surrounding areas to produce an installation to their taste. Whether it be patios, driveways or fencing you require, each project will be given the due care and attention needed to be delivered on time, inside budget and to the best standards of workmanship.

Great Reasons to Use our Landscaping Services

  1. No two gardens are the same. This is why we keep an open mind about which sort of patios are needed for each individual household. We will take into account the size of your outdoor space and the shape of the garden at your Camberley home. There’s also the matter of which materials to use. One thing you can be certain of, however, is that all patios will be practical and sturdy enough to last for years.
  2. There are many different types of fencing, with close board, ranch, picket and continental to name just four. Like our patios, fencing is installed with your Camberley garden’s shape and the purpose of the construction in mind. Close board fencing adds extra security, ranch fencing suits larger properties and picket fencing is mainly cosmetic. All fencing is expertly fitted and comes with a long-term guarantee.
  3. Driveways can be made bigger, smaller or can be turned from an unobtrusive front garden into a large car park if you wish. The choice is exactly yours. We will provide designs to show you how the front of your Camberley property will look. You are under no obligation to have one of our driveways laid but it’s rare that once we’ve seen a customer, they go on to use other landscaping companies.
  4. All landscaping services are Checkatrade approved and we come recommended by Surrey Trading Standards. As our testimonials show, previous Camberley clients have been kind enough to leave great comments about our projects and there’s no higher praise than that of a satisfied customer. Join our ever-growing client list today!

There are many ways to improve your home so call us now on 01276 471678 and find out how we construct patios, driveways and fencing at Camberley properties.

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